38 Spesh – Landscaping Song

Last Friday, 38 Spesh joined forces with DJ Green Lantern in 1995, a band he played classical instrumentals from that year of the Golden Age. And given the number of massive pieces that have arrived in that time, it wasn’t entirely surprising to hear Havoc’s familiar opening notes for the penultimate cut “Landscaping,” in which the timeless instrumental of “Shook Ones Pt. 2. “Knowing the legacy of the Mobb Deep single, Spesh is no surprise that the moment his bars start swinging.

“At some point we’ll get up, but you won’t be happy until my being dies,” he spits. “And enemies collide, literally it’s pride when they come for me /
These bullets will accompany this misery. “And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as Spesh continues his onslaught of inner rhymes with nearly two minutes of uninterrupted lyricism. “And I don’t care what your husband does, what he spent on the rent I spent on landscaping,” boasts Spesh, achieving the title with an effortless flex. “Real shit, that’s real rubber band language / I see, I made a few hundred grand out of my fan pages.”

Although the 1995 Jacking Beats premise might make his latest album a relatively niche affair, those looking for a blast of Golden Era hip-hop that has been expertly rendered on a technical level are no further than the latest from 38 Spesh and DJ Green Lantern collaboration.


Eventually we get up, but you will not be happy until my being dies
And enemies collide, literally pride when they come for me
These bullets will accompany this misery

38 Spesh


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