Applications Open Thursday For Canada’s New One-Time-Only Permanent Residence Pathways

Inlet cap

40,000 applications.

Participation requirements

1) Before applying, and in January 2017 at the earliest, complete a course of study at one of the following Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs):

  • Public post-secondary facility, e.g. B. a college, business / technical school, university or in Quebec CEGEP.
  • Canadian private entity that provincial law allows provincial degrees, but only if the degree program completed was a provincial-approved degree that may not include all courses offered.
  • Private post-secondary school in Quebec that operates by the same rules and regulations as public institutions in Quebec.
  • Private or public post-secondary institution in Quebec that offers qualifying programs of 900 hours or more leading to a Diploma of Professional Studies (DVS) or Certificate of Professional Specialization (AVS).

2) Have one of the following ID cards from an authorized institution:

  1. Degree (associate, bachelor, master or doctorate) from a program of at least 8 months.
  2. Degree, diploma, diploma or certificate of completion of a course of any duration that leads to a craft activity (see list below).
  3. One or more diplomas / certificates / certificates for which the following conditions are met:
  1. In the case of diplomas / certificates / certificates, each course must last at least 8 months and a total duration of at least 16 months.
  2. For DVS and AVS, each program must last at least 900 hours and the combined programs must last at least 1,800 hours.
    • When combining an AVS with a DVS, the length of the AVS can be less than 900 hours if the combined length is at least 1,800 hours.
  3. Each combined proof of eligibility must meet the requirements defined in 1).

3) Be employed in Canada with valid status at the time of application.

4) Language skills of at least Benchmark 5 in English or French in each of the four language disciplines according to the Canadian Language Benchmarks or the Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens.

5) Live in Canada with valid temporary status and be physically present at the time of application.

6) Intending to live outside of Quebec.

Authorized trades for section 2) b) of the certificates

NOC code occupation

7201 Construction and supervisory personnel, machining, forming, forming and assembly trades and related professions

7202 Construction and supervisory staff, electrical trades and telecommunications professions

7203 construction and supervisory personnel, pipeline construction trade

7204 construction and supervisory staff, carpentry

7205 building contractors and supervisors, other building trades, plumbers, repair companies and service technicians

7231 Machinists and machining and tool inspectors

7232 Tool and mold maker

7233 sheet metal worker

7234 boiler manufacturer

7235 Metal and panel builders and fitters

7236 ironworkers

7237 welders and associated machine operators

7241 electrician (except industrial and power grid)

7242 industrial electricians

7243 network electrician

7244 power line and cable workers

7245 Telecommunication Line and Cable Workers

7246 Telecommunications installation and repair workers

7247 Cable television service and maintenance technician

7251 plumber

7252 Steam, Pipe, and Sprinkler Installers

7253 gas fitters

7271 carpenter

7272 carpenter

7281 bricklayer

7282 concrete paver

7283 tiler

7284 plasterers, drywall and finishers and foamers

7291 Roofers and Schindlers

7292 Glaser

7293 isolators

7294 painters and decorators (except interior decorators)

7295 flooring installer

7301 Construction and supervisor, mechanic trade

7302 Contractors and Supervisors, Heavy Equipment Operators

7303 Supervisors, printing and related professions

7304 supervisors rail transport

7305 supervisory authorities, road transport companies and other transport companies

7311 Tree mill builder and industrial mechanic

7312 Heavy Equipment Mechanic

7313 Heating, cooling and air conditioning mechanics

7314 Railway Carmen / women

7315 aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors

7316 machinist

7318 Elevator builders and mechanics

7321 car service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical workshops

7322 car body shops

7331 Oil and solid fuel heating mechanics

7332 Device service and repair

7333 electromechanics

7334 Motorcycle, SUV, and other related mechanics

7335 Other repair shops for small engines and small appliances

7361 railway and court locomotive driver

7362 conductors and brakemen

7371 crane operator

7372 Drills and Blasters – Open Pit, Quarries, and Construction

7373 well drill

7381 press operator

7384 Other trades and related professions.

8211 Overseers, Logging and Forestry

8221 Overseers, Mining and Quarries

8222 Contractors and Regulators, Oil and Gas Wells and Services

8231 underground production and development miners

8232 Oil and Gas Drills, Servicers, Testers, and Allied Workers

8241 machine operator for lumberjacks

8252 Agricultural service providers, farm managers and skilled workers in animal husbandry

8255 Construction, supervisory, landscaping, property maintenance, and horticultural services

8261 master fishermen and officers

8262 fishermen / women

9211 supervisors, mineral and metal processing

9212 Regulators, Petroleum, Gas, and Chemical Processing, and Utilities

9213 Supervisors, Food and Beverage Processing

9214 supervisors, manufacture of plastic and rubber products

9215 supervisors, processing of forest products

9217 supervisors, processing and manufacturing of textile, cloth, fur and leather products

9221 supervisors, car assembly

9222 Supervisors, electronics manufacturing

9223 supervisors, manufacture of electrical products

9224 Overseer, furniture and furnishings construction

9226 supervisors, other mechanical and metalworking products

9227 supervisors, other products manufacturing and assembly

9231 Central control and process operator, mineral and metal processing

9232 Central control and process operators, petroleum, gas and chemical processing

9235 Pulp, papermaking and coating control operator

9241 energy technician and network operator

9243 operators of water and waste treatment plants

6321 cooks

6322 cooks

6331 Butchers, butchers and fishmongers – retail and wholesale

6332 baker

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