Artificial Turf Partnership Introduces Recyclable Option

A distributor based in Randolph, New Jersey works with an artificial turf company to create artificial turf fields that reduce harsh chemicals and combine three-fiber turf and a recyclable, non-rubber infill.

Elite Turf, sales and installation partner of artificial turf company Act Global, has introduced the POWER system, which is made in part from recycled ocean plastic as an alternative to artificial turf fields.

“Elite Turf is operated by Act Global. We are a sales and marketing arm that represents and sells its woven recyclable products. We are the exclusive US distributor of the woven recyclable turf, ”said Greg Adams, vice president of sales and marketing at Elite Turf.

So far only available in Europe, the POWER system does not contain a polyurethane carrier, so at the end of its service life it is 100% recyclable and reduces disposal costs. It also offers a filling that is better for the environment. The patent-pending filling is made from up to 40,000 pounds of ocean plastic and can remove 1.8 million bottles from the ocean per field.

“The TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer) filling is made from ocean plastic, which is spread over the lawn and replaces the rubber crumb of conventional lawns,” says Adams. “To date, we’ve installed two fields of Parley TPE Ocean plastic filling to remove 80,000 pounds of plastic or 3.6 million plastic bottles from the ocean.”

The POWER system provides a playing surface for a variety of sports, including soccer, soccer, baseball, rugby, and field hockey, that is not only recyclable but also increases safety, playability, and durability, according to Adams.

“The multi-layer turf system combines the woven turf made from recycled plastic with the ProPlay Pad Foundation and plastic filling to absorb shocks and reduce injuries,” he says. “In combination, the pad and the filling create a softer surface without causing too many vertical deformations, which leads to faster fatigue of the athletes. The plastic infill, which replaces the crumb rubber infill on other lawns, offers a drastically lower surface temperature than the rubber and keeps the field cooler for athletes in extreme heat. “

Over the past 20 years, the social and market drivers for more turf innovation in terms of environmental, sustainability and player safety factors have increased significantly, says Adams.

“Sports facilities, public and private institutions, and athletes and their families can now rest assured that they are investing and playing in a fully recyclable turf product that is safer for the environment, safer for the player and performs better,” he says.

Act Global has supplied its Xtreme Turf to thousands of fields in more than 90 countries, including FIFA Certified pitches, and is a preferred supplier to the United Soccer League, World Rugby and International Hockey Federation. The existing turf brand is also located at the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals and US Bank Stadium, which is where the Minnesota Vikings take place.

“We are very excited to be working with Elite Turf and its management team,” said Act Global CEO John Baize in a statement. “Our combined strengths will deliver world class synthetic turf systems designed for both the players and the planet. Our Xtreme Turf with Elite Turf’s POWER approach is an excellent choice for communities and clubs. “

Adams said the company plans to install an additional six panels this year to remove 10.8 million plastic bottles.

“Next year our goal is to install 50 panels, which is two million pounds of plastic removed over the next year,” he says.

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