Battle Ground teen starts lawn mowing business

Sebastian Rubino / [email protected]

Nathan Pascu was compelled to start his own business so he could enjoy the outdoors while the weather is nice.

The 13-year-old mows lawns in the Battle Ground area with his business Nathan’s Lawn Care, which allows him to make money while basking in the outdoors.

“At first, I was sitting at home, and I didn’t really have anything to do, so I was thinking of a way that I could earn money at a young age,” Pascu said. “I remembered when I was younger, I would mow lawns with my uncle and he would earn money. I then said ‘oh, I could do that,’ and then I started mowing lawns and got more into it and started earning more money, so then I just decided to create a Facebook page and try to create my own business.”

Although the business currently only features Pascu, he said two of his cousins ​​who are in South Carolina are willing to help him later on. At this time, Pascu said he has around four or five customers he mows lawns for each week, but he is working on getting the word out to acquire more patrons. People reach out to Pascu through his Facebook page and then his mother drives him to their houses.

“I like the way it looks after I mow the lawns because it’s very satisfying,” Pascu said. “When I’m mowing the lawns, I leave lines and stuff to make it look good. It just makes me want to do it more and more.”

He added that he also does weed whacking, which is included in the price of his lawn service.

In his spare time, Pascu said he practices mowing at his grandmother’s house since her grass grows fast. Aside from that, he rides bikes and often enjoys going to the skate park. When he grows up, he plans to own his own business and invest his money.

“I’d probably either have a lawn-mowing business, or I’d like to make my own merchandise someday,” he said.

He would like to one day sell hoodies, jackets, shorts, or pants because he “saw other people doing it” and “thought it would be cool.”

Pascu’s mother, Marina Gritchenko, is happy with all her son has accomplished.

“I’m pretty proud of him,” Gritchenko said. “I know a lot of older kids that don’t want to work. He was getting really bored at home and I was like ‘why don’t you go mow some lawns and make some money?’ He did that a couple of times and now he’s really getting into it.”

Gritchenko said Pascu spent much of his time last summer riding bikes and scooters, but this summer he intends to be more devoted to his lawn care business.

Pascu said that if customers want both the front and back yard mowed, he charges $40. If someone just needs their front yard mowed, the price often ranges around $15 or $20 depending on the size of the lawn.

His Facebook page can be found online at

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