Billy Strings Performs ‘Stone Walls & Steel Bars’ For ‘String The Halls’

Billy Strings led his band through Stone Walls & Steel Bars for the second part of his charity fundraising video series, String The Halls: Home For The Holidays Edition. “Stone Walls & Steel Bars” was written by Ray Pennington and Roy Marcum and first recorded in 1963 by The Stanley Brothers.

Strings’ band finds the guitarist supported by Royal Masat, Mandolinist Jarrod Walker and banjo players Billy fails. The issue of String The Halls: Home For The Holidays runs until Christmas Day. At that time, audio from all 12 performances will be available through

Billy Strings and Company presented their rendition of “Stone Walls & Steel Bars” on April 18, 2019 in Asheville as part of the Phantasy Tour. Strings’ most recent cover of the song was performed during a Family Strings concert on March 1, 2020 in Ann Arbor.

Proceeds from the issue of String The Halls: Home For The Holidays will go to the Nashville Rescue Mission, the Musically Fed, and Middle Tennessee’s Second Harvest Food Bank. Posters are available here with a password given in the video.

Check out the following version of String The Halls of Stone Walls & Steel Bars:

Stone walls and steel bars 00:00:00

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