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LETTER: Blown away by the noise of lawn maintenance

When does Oak Bay get more elegant? I get up this morning, pour myself a cup of coffee, get myself the newspaper and sit down to read … immediately two neighbors with commercial lawn care companies show up and the first thing to do is turn on their gas-powered leaf blowers.

It’s already 17 degrees outside, but now I have to close all of my double windows and plug in my earplugs so I can at least think about it. And what are they blowing? Not leaves, but dirt, clippings, flowers from the driveways, sidewalks and verandas. And where are they blowing that? On the street and on the side of passing cars or in my yard.

As always, these people are too lazy to pick up a broom or rake and clean it behind them. Oh, and did I tell you the best, they keep going on with these terrible machines that pollute the air and make a terrible noise. As far as I know, the noise is over 100 decibels. Damage to your ears starts at 85 decibels.

When will this end? I understand Saanich is considering putting an end to this, come on, Oak Bay join in.

Andrew Madding

Oak bay

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