Bolder Rodent Activity and Migration to the Suburbs Among New 2021 Changes Orkin Canada’s Annual Ontario’s Rattiest Cities List is Out!

Several lockdowns over the past year have resulted in more people cooking and eating at home. A recent survey found Canadians produced 13.5% more food waste during the lockdown than during the no-lockdown. Overeating food means a potential increase in rodent populations, which is why people may see more rats and mice in residential areas.

Orkin Canada experts have observed more courageous behavior in rodents. In particular, nocturnal, increased daytime sightings of rodent activity have become more common, as have migrations from resource-poor urban centers to food-rich suburban areas where rats and mice may reproduce and increase populations.

The city rankings are based on the number of commercial and residential rodent treatments (rats and mice) that Orkin Canada provided August 1, 2020, by July 31, 2021.

The 10 hottest cities in Ontario 2021 are:

1. Toronto
2. Mississauga
3. Scarborough
4th Ottawa
5. North York
6th Etobicoke
7th Richmond Hill
8th. Brampton
9. London
10. Oshawa

For a full list of Ontario shabbiest cities please download here.

But don’t be afraid of the suburbs as the cooler weather approaches and rodents seek shelter, there are tactics that can be used to deter rodents from entering your homes and visiting your property:

  • Seal any cracks or holes in your foundation and install gaskets around windows and doors
  • Keep bushes at least three feet from the outside walls of your home
  • Eliminate sources of moisture such as clogged gutters
  • Carefully keep rubbish and old groceries away from your home
  • For more information on rodent prevention, visit

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