Churchill Downs Horticulture Team Volunteers Landscaping for The Center for Women and Families

Earlier this week, members of the Churchill Downs Racetrack horticultural team spent the morning volunteering at landscaping at the nonprofit Louisville Center for Women and Families (CWF). Matt Bizzell, Director of Horticulture at Churchill Downs, redirected the effort that took place on the morning of December 9th, which brought together team members Gary Leuenberger, Cindy Levett, Vicky Hutchinson, Dave McQuerry, Tom Williams, Tom Duke and Eric Cassell making this very important to community organization.

Churchill Downs has a longstanding relationship with CWF. When the opportunity arose, Bizzell was moved to take action. He says his team have worked on other projects there in the past and because of his belief in their mission, they are always eager to help when needed.

Bizzell and his team landscaped the courtyard on site. Because of the location of the courtyard, Bizzell said he and those who came with him had to lug tools and equipment through the facility to get to the courtyard and then bring back any debris, leaves, and cuts through the building. With all of the junk and junk they removed, the team was able to fill a dumpster and still had enough for a full truckload to dump at the Churchill Downs greenhouse.

“I am very proud of my crew,” said Bizzell. “They are always eager to help others and work hard on whatever task they have to face.”

The Center for Women and Families provides traumatized advocacy and support to individuals, families and communities affected by intimate partner violence and sexual assault. They mitigate the effects of trauma by building resilience and reducing risk factors at all levels. They are guided by a strong feminist base story and a commitment to social and economic justice. You create a nonviolent life, families and communities.

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