Crop Pest Update – June 29 –


insects Foliar insecticide applications for flea beetles in canola continue, although some canola is advancing through the more vulnerable stages. Flea beetle management has been challenging this year, with some canola fields receiving multiple insecticide applications, and some reseeding occurring. Control of grasshopper nymphs continues in some areas. There have been reports of seedcorn maggot showing up in some of the areas that received excessive moisture. White heads from wheat stem maggot has also been reported; in one instance quite widespread in a field of northern wheatgrass. Notching from pea leaf weevil has been quite noticeable in some fields in the northwest during the survey for this insect.

weeds: Weed growth has been rapid in the last week with ample moisture and heat. Windy conditions have made spraying challenging but for the most part sprayers have been able to meet the demand. Spraying in wet fields meant leaving ruts and unsprayed areas that were too wet to get to. Product shortages, particularly glufosinate for herbicide-tolerant canola, have added to the challenging conditions. Weeds that seem to be everywhere this year include round-leaf mallow, Canada fleabane, prickly lettuce, biennial wormwood, thistles and dandelions.


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