Don’t pull dandelions yet: expert tips for environmentally-friendly spring yard care – Lethbridge

The time of year has come when many Southern Albertans begin to pull out their gardening gloves, rakes and lawnmowers.

Surroundings Lethbridge reminds residents to consider certain things before going all-in.

“There are many things – great and simple things – that people can do to be sustainable at the same time,” said Executive Director Kathleen Sheppard.

It should be noted that although dandelions may be found to be unpleasant to the eye by some, they are an important source of nutrition for insects such as bees.

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This is how you prepare your lawn and garden for spring

“Whether you like them or not is a personal preference, but they are in no way harmful,” Sheppard said.

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“At this time of year, dandelions can be very important to our pollinators because there aren’t many other flowers that bloom.”

Sheppard also suggested avoiding the use of weed killers or herbicides and resisting the temptation to overwater or overcut your lawn.

“Your lawn only needs about an inch of water a week, so you don’t have to water – or you know, a huge amount – every day to have a nice green lawn if you want,” she said.

Jessica Deacon-Rogers, program coordinator for the Helen Schuler Nature Center, said that increasing the biodiversity of your outdoor space can be of great benefit to the local ecosystem.

“I’ve seen very few people actually use their front yard, so it’s important to consider how you can use this space differently and how you can design the landscape differently,” she explained.

Deacon-Rogers added that planting flowers that bloom throughout the season is helpful for pollinators.

“The more variety you can have in your garden with plant species, the better it is for the ecosystem – and it is often more attractive.”

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Edmonton publishes plans for parks, playgrounds, and lawn maintenance for 2021

Edmonton publishes plans for parks, playgrounds, and lawn maintenance for 2021 – April 22, 2021

While many property owners get their hands dirty, the local maintenance companies have been pretty busy.

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“We’re right in the middle of it when people start doing it and we’ve got everything ready for what they want to do,” said Bob Bennett. the general manager of Intrepid Property Maintenance. “Your spring cleaning and stuff, so we’re seeing a lot of it right now.”

Dana Borggard, owner of All Seasons Property Services, said last spring was the busiest in 10 years.

“I was actually only on the road at full speed on April 1st and then on an occasional rainy day here and there and so,” said Borggard. “But April was definitely a really busy month for me.”

He said he felt lucky to be in an industry that wasn’t hit too hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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