Duck’s Tree and Stump Service Provides Top Notch Tree Removal Services in Aurora, Illinois

Aurora, IL – Duck’s Tree and Stump Service provides top-notch tree removal services in Aurora and the surrounding areas. These services include normal tree removal and emergency and hazardous tree removal. The company does a situational survey to ascertain the best move depending on the tree condition. The tree may require removal if it poses a danger to people and property, is lopsided, and is likely to fall, if there is trunk damage or a hollow on the tree. A tree that disrupts power lines may also be removed as it poses a danger or when the roots interfere with nearby structures.

Tree removal carries many risks hence the need to engage professional services from an expert. Duck’s Tree and Stump Service offers these services through their experts, who are well trained in various safety procedure that helps reduce the risk of injury and destruction to property. The company also owns some of the best machines and high-tech tree vehicles, which ensure the process is done professionally and as per the stipulated guidelines. They have 24/7 emergency tree services.

Duck’s Tree and Stump Service is family-owned and operated, offering the locals exceptional services. The company is fully licensed, insured, and bonded, prioritizing their staff and clients’ safety and that of their properties. They have a team of experienced arborists that provide free estimates at the most competitive rates. A happy client had this to say about their services, “We have hired Duck’s several times for tree and stump removal, and they always exceeded our expectations. They are professional, friendly, and always prioritize safety. They left our premises cleaner than they found and their prices were reasonable for the work done. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to work with professionals who know their work.”

The Aurora tree removal expert works with a team of certified arborists who also offer tree inspection services. They help identify issues such as potential risks, damage, and tree health issues, after which they recommend an appropriate solution. Some of these solutions include offering structural support, which involves cabling and bracing for trees with heavy or long branches or trees that need support due to damage.

Besides tree removal, their other services include tree pruning and trimming, support cables and bracing, tree planting and shaping, stump removal and grinding, and storm damage. They also offer lot clearing services, tree maintenance, and shrub removal. During the cold months, they include a full-service commercial snow plowing service to remove snow, plow and de-ice sidewalks and roads.

Duck’s Tree and Stump Service is headquartered at 1041 Cochran St, Aurora, Illinois, 60506. Clients can call the company at (630) 256-0181 for inquiries and bookings or visit their website for more information on their services.

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