Guest commentary: Landscaping and trash get attention from La Jolla MAD

In June, maintenance and improvement activities continued across the La Jolla Maintenance Assessment District, including landscaping projects, high pressure pavement cleaning and waste control.

In addition to repainting the metal lids, all 42 public garbage cans on the sidewalks across the district are regularly disinfected with every daily maintenance.

Much progress is being made in efforts to uphold public rights of way. Many thanks to all residents and commercial residents for your continued cooperation and support.

Many tree fountains like this one on Girard Avenue have been refreshed with new stones and plants.

Many tree fountains like this one on Girard Avenue have been refreshed with new stones and plants.

(Elisabeth Frausto)

A particular focus on the finishing touches to the remaining tree fountains along Girard Avenue has seen a rise in fever over the past month as all of the tree fountains on this major thoroughfare from Prospect Street to south of Pearl Street have been expanded with the addition of river rocks of varying sizes and pebbles, Iris plants and succulents. These aesthetic additions went a long way in keeping pet contaminants and litter from building up at the roots of tree wells that were filled with uneven dirt and invasive weeds.

The most visible improvement to the landscaping in June was the replacement of decaying potted rose bushes with succulents. Some of these now-thriving succulents are calandrinia, blue elf aloe, and malephora ice plant.

Iris plants recently planted along Girard Avenue and Wall Street are regularly pruned, with special attention paid to removing brownish and sloping leaves.

Other small but noticeable improvements include the selective pruning of multiple juniper and cypress container pots along Girard Avenue and the replacement of coral fountain plants with succulents in containers in front of the Girard Gourmet.

Most recently, low-hanging sycamore branches on the southwest corner of Kline Street and Girard Avenue and palm fruits on Wall Street and Girard were pruned.

In anticipation of increased visitor numbers to the district over the weekend of July 4th, representatives from La Jolla MAD worked with the San Diego Environmental Services and Parks & Recreation Departments to coordinate waste reduction strategies.

Special thanks go to two members of the Enhance La Jolla board of directors who have donated their respective business resources to support this cause. One of those resources – an 8 ton trash compactor – will go a long way in containing and consolidating much of the waste that is left behind after the busy holiday weekend.

The next Enhance La Jolla board meeting will begin on Thursday, July 15, at 4 p.m. in the Assembly Hall of the Catholic Church of Mary, Star of the Sea on Girard Avenue. Visit for more information.

If you see an issue that needs your attention, please contact Enhance La Jolla at (858) 444-5892 or email [email protected].

Mary Montgomery is the district manager for the La Jolla Maintenance Assessment District. ◆

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