Hamilton Canada Day at Bayfront Park

Canada has a long history as a nation. In that time we have heard stories about the evolution of industry, settlement, and inclusivity, as well as human triumph and tragedy. These stories are woven deeply into the Canada we know and understand today. Now more than ever, Canada Day gives us the opportunity to come together to celebrate the diversity that unites us in Hamilton, while supporting truthful, reconciling, and inclusive dialogue about our history. During this time, it’s important to reflect and discuss what we want our future to look like as Canadians and acknowledge where we have more work to do to ensure a healthy, safe, and more inclusive place for all.

event details

The City of Hamilton is pleased to offer a free family friendly event with children’s recreation and arts activities at Bayfront Park.

The event will see a Food Truck Rally on-site with a selection of Ontario’s finest food trucks serving taters, chicken, tandoori, fish and chips, porchetta, ice cream, burgers and more!

In addition, visitors can check out the Hamilton Sports Zone with members of Hamilton’s favorite sport teams on-site including the Hamilton Bulldogs, Forge FC, Toronto Rock and Hamilton Honey Badgers.

dates Friday, July 1, 2022
Location Bayfront Park, 200 Harbourfront Drive, Hamilton
time 4 to 10:30 pm – Fireworks display to begin at 10 pm

HSR & Parking

King Opposite Summers Lane Depart Bayfront Park Arrive Bayfront Park Department James at Canon King Opposite Summer Lane Arrive
3:30pm 3:38pm 3:43pm 3:50pm 3:56pm
3:45pm 3:53pm 3:58pm 4:05pm 4:11pm
4:00 p.m 4:08pm 4:13pm 4:20pm 4:26pm
4:15pm 4:23pm 4:28pm 4:35pm 4:41pm
4:30pm 4:38pm 4:43pm 4:50pm 4:56pm
4:45pm 4:53pm 4:58pm 5:05pm 5:11pm
5:00 p.m 5:08pm 5:13pm 5:20pm 5:26pm
5:15pm 5:23pm 5:28pm 5:35pm 5:41pm
5:30pm 5:38pm 5:43pm 5:50pm 5:56pm
5:45pm 5:53pm 5:58pm 6:05pm 6:11pm
6:00 p.m 6:08pm 6:15pm 6:22pm 6:28pm
6:12pm 6:20pm 6:27pm 6:34pm 6:40pm
6:24pm 6:32pm 6:39pm 6:46pm 6:52pm
6:36pm 6:44pm 6:51pm 6:58pm 7:04pm
6:48pm 6:56pm 7:03pm 7:10pm 7:16pm
7:00 p.m 7:08pm 7:15pm 7:22pm 7:28pm
7:12pm 7:20pm 7:27pm 7:34pm 7:40pm
7:24pm 7:32pm 7:39pm 7:46pm 7:52pm
7:36pm 7:44pm 7:51pm 7:58pm 8:04pm
7:48pm 7:56pm 8:03pm 8:10pm 8:16pm
8:00 p.m 8:08pm 8:15pm 8:22pm 8:28pm
8:12pm 8:20pm 8:27pm 8:34pm 8:40pm
8:24pm 8:32pm 8:39pm 8:46pm 8:52
8:36pm 8:44pm 8:51pm 8:58pm 9:04pm
8:48pm 8:56pm 9:03pm 9:10pm 4pm

After the fireworks

HSR will run frequent shuttle service carrying visitors from Bayfront Park back to downtown. If you’re traveling beyond downtown, you can connect to other HSR routes, fare payment will be required. With a PRESTO card for each family member, children 12 and under ride free and teens are half price. For more information about family-friendly fares on HSR and where to get your PRESTO cards, visit www.hamilton.ca/PRESTO.


  • Certain sections of the bicycle path around Bayfront Park will be closed to the public from Thursday June 30 to Saturday July 2 for fireworks set-up.
  • Hamilton Bike Share:
    • Ride with Hamilton Bike Share! Beat the traffic and enjoy the Waterfront Trail by bike using the Hamilton Bike Share system, which has bikes available for one-way trips 24/7. Sign up for a pay as you go or monthly plan using the free Social Bicycles app or at hamiltonbikeshare.ca, where you can also find the system map and all available bikes displayed in live time.
    • Extensive bike share parking will be available at the Bay and Strachan Hub (top of Bayfront Park), Bayfront Park Hub (near boat launch) and Pier 4 Hub, as well as additional hubs at Pier 8, Bay at Macaulay, and James at Guise .
    • Dedicated bike routes include:
      • Multi-use paths along Strachan and Guise to entrances to Bayfront Park and Pier 8
      • Bike lanes along Bay St and John St
      • Waterfront Trail to access Bayfront Park from West Hamilton (via Princess Point)

Additional information

  • No sparklers or personal fireworks will be permitted on-site.
  • A water station will be on site. Please bring your refillable water bottles.
  • Pier 4 Park is a great place to watch the fireworks and enjoy the Tugboat Playground and Lookout Pier. No additional Canada Day programming will occur at Pier 4.
  • While pets are permitted at the event, it is important to remember pets are more sensitive to loud noises, flashing lights and strong smells. If you’re unable to leave your pet at home during the fireworks display, ensure they are leashed and under your direct control at all times.

Hamilton Sports Zone

Logo for Hamilton Bulldogs

Logo for Hamilton Honey Badgers

Logo for Toronto Rock Lacrosse

Logo to Forge Football Club

food vendors

  • A Salt ‘N’ Battered
  • Crazy Cravings Ice Cream
  • Curbside Foods
  • falafela
  • Festival Fun Food
  • Get Your Own Taters
  • Heavenly Dreams Ice Cream
  • Kool Jim’s Ice Cream
  • Ollie’s Coffee Cart
  • The Dirty South
  • The Flyin G’nosh
  • The Salted Pig
  • Twisted Tomato
  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Canada Day Activity Kit

Canadian Heritage has put together Canada Day activity kits. Browse through the categories and chose activities to create memorable moments.

Fireworks Safety

Fireworks are only permitted on Canada Day, between dusk and 11 pm. Family fireworks may only be purchased for use by people 18 and older. Fireworks must not be discharged on any public or city property. This includes roadways, streets, schoolyards and parks. Fireworks are dangerous. Please follow all safety guidelines on the packaging and on the manufacturer’s website – particularly regarding the distance to adjacent homes or other structures.

For more information, visit www.hamilton.ca/fireworkssafety

Support the Canadian Red Cross

Every three hours, the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) responds to a call for help in Canada. From conflict zones to communities affected by devastating disasters or health emergencies, the CRC uses this fund to respond to the needs of vulnerable communities within Canada and around the world. Without this fund, the CRC would also not be able to launch its various appeals (eg, for Ukraine, Palestine, and Yemen). If you would like to sponsor us, volunteer two hours of your time at our booth on Canada Day, provide a service or product to raffle off, or get otherwise involved please reach out to Joanna Sulzycki at [email protected].

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