Health Canada Announces Members of New Science Advisory Committee on Pest Control Products

Odors released from trash chutes, product storage spaces and other common back-of-house areas can linger throughout indoor spaces. These smells attract unwanted pests and can negatively impact customer and brand perception. To help businesses operate pest-free and avoid potential negative brand backlash, Rentokil recently launched a patented odor management system designed to eliminate back-of-house malodors.

Called GENIE Max, the service offers odor control solutions using nebulization to disperse non-toxic, safe-scenting fragrances. Designed for large back-of-house indoor and outdoor spaces, the patented scent technology eliminates and neutralizes foul smells, delivering an improved air care experience for customers and employees while helping to reduce unwanted pests.

Strong aromas release a signal to many pests such as rodents, cockroaches and flies that food is near. Pests can contaminate food and spread harmful pathogens, directly impacting employee and customer health. Customers and employees view lingering odors as an indicator of unhealthy environments, leading to negative perceptions of the business or organization.

“The common house fly can smell odors as far as four miles away,” said Matt Hayas, director of product and innovation at Rentokil North America. “Air fresheners and aerosol sprays only mask the smells and create even more pungent aromas, which can make pest problems worse for businesses. GENIE Max takes odor remediation a step further by targeting the source and eradicating the vaporous odors at their molecular level.”

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