How keeping your lawn mower in the shed another month can help the environment

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is asking Prince Edward Islanders to wait until June before getting their lawnmowers out.

It’s called No-Mow May, and it’s a way to improve the environment in your own garden.

“If we stop spring mowing, it can improve the habitat for insects and birds in our backyards. When we think of the outdoors, we often feel like we need to go to a local green space or to forests or rivers, lake streams or beaches, ”said Andrew Holland Conservation Canada.

“But nature is actually in our own gardens, so we kind of have to rethink these things.”

Communities across Canada are signing No-Mow May, Holland said, waiving the statutes that mandate mowing for the month or even giving grants to people who want to grow pollinator lawns.

“Lawns are home to bugs, insects and worms, and they attract birds and feed on these insects,” said Holland.

“It’s an important source of food for them.”

Holland has also encouraged people to let part of their property run wild for the whole summer and maybe study native species planting to further promote biodiversity in your little patch of soil.

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