Kacey Lynn Fund hosting lawn sale in Welland to benefit kids throughout Niagara

Mary Dolan is hosting a lawn sale Aug. 20 at 56 Wallace Ave.  in Welland.Mary Dolan is hosting a lawn sale Aug. 20 at 56 Wallace Ave.  in Welland.

At this lawn sale, you might just find exactly what you have been looking for.

You will also be supporting a good cause along the way. In this case, the cause is the Kacey Lynn Fund.

Mary Dolan, who runs the fund and organizes fundraisers, said the lawn sale will be start at 9 am on Saturday, Aug. 20 at 54 Wallace Ave. in Welland.

The fund was established in 1985 for Kacey Lynn, a five-year-old who died of cancer in 1988 at McMaster Hospital.

Kacey Lynn’s illness and the financial hardships it created for her family raised the community’s awareness for the need of an assistance fund.

Now the fund helps sick children throughout the Niagara region by helping families pay for expenses such as travel, drugs, accommodation, medical devices, child care, meals and telephone bills.

Recently, she said she made a donation of $825 to the Hope Center for 33 $25 gift cards that are to be included with the shoes the center gives away each year before the start off school.

Dolan said she wanted the community to know what the fund is doing.

Dolan said to keep an eye open as the fund is also planning to host a Halloween dance fundraiser in October.

For more information or to make a donation to the fund, contact Dolan at 905-735-9526.

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