Lawn care tips you need to know

A healthy lawn is better able to endure drought, diseases and pests better than a stressed lawn. Healthy grass also can compete better with undesirable weeds.

Consider these tips to take care of your lawn this year:


Proper mowing involves mowing at the correct height and frequency. Start by ensuring your lawn mower blades are sharp and clean. Mow at regular intervals and never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf tissue with each mow.

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Water deeply once a week only if needed. Lawns naturally go dormant during the hottest months, but will easily green up again in the fall.


Leave them on the lawn. You’ll provide 50 percent of your lawn’s nitrogen. The other 50 percent can be applied in the fall by adding shredded leaves using a mulching mower.

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Over-fertilization or applying it at the wrong time will harm your lawn. Always have a soil pH test first before adding anything. Our CCE of Oneida can help you; visit our website at Remember not to broadcast fertilizer onto hard surfaces where it can run off into storm drains. Learn more about creating a sustainable lawn by visiting us at website at

You can help pollinators, save money and provide shelter for beneficials (insects, plants, animals) by reducing the area that you mow. Consider reducing your lawn footprint; convert an area to a native plant, wildflower, or butterfly garden. Here’s a great resource to get you started; visit

If you missed signing up for the current master gardener volunteer training, we can put you on our list for the next upcoming training. For more information, call us or visit and click on Facebook and YouTube icons at the bottom of the page for great research and garden information. Or phone 315-736-3394, Ext 100.

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