Lawn-mowing Texas man, 70, dies after attack by aggressive swarm of bees

BRECKENRIDGE, TEXAS – A Texas man died of cardiac arrest when he was attacked by an aggressive swarm of bees outside his home, authorities said.

Thomas Hicks, 70, was mowing his lawn on Monday when he was repeatedly stung by bees in front of his home in Breckenridge, about 130 miles west of Dallas, authorities said.

The Breckenridge Fire Department said first responders faced “very aggressive bee activity” when they got to the house. Medics and firefighters tried emergency care, but Hicks died, the fire department said.

Hicks’ wife, Zoni Hicks, told KTAB that she was out shopping when she returned to find her husband screaming and covered in bees.

“You couldn’t even see his back or head – it was just covered,” she said.

Zoni Hicks was also repeatedly stabbed, treated and discharged from hospital.

The beehive was in a tree and firefighters killed the bees by spraying foam on them, authorities said.

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