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FREDERICKSBURG, Va. – The list of Pi Chi Omega scholarship recipients is long. Since awarding its first scholarship to Dr. Bobby Corrigan in 1976, Pi Chi Omega has provided more than $240,000 in financial support to entomology students. Pi Chi Omega is happy to announce, the list is getting longer.

Having been awarded 165 scholarships over the years, you do not have to look far to find past recipients in every segment of the pest control industry. Tenured professors at the leading universities with powerhouse urban entomology departments, who are grooming their students to be the next generation of entomologists to advance our industry, got the support of Pi Chi Omega when they were just students themselves.

Technical gurus at some of the largest pest management chemical and manufacturing companies, holding many patents for products and formulations we depend on today, received Pi Chi Omega scholarships.

Industry leaders who guide some of the most successful pest management businesses in the country, credit the support they received from Pi Chi Omega for their industry success.

Current Pi Chi Omega President Cassie Krejci explained, “The pest management industry is enriched by the knowledge gained and research conducted by each of the students we support. Many scholarship recipients remain connected to Pi Chi Omega when they become professors or industry professionals.

“Through the scholarship program, we ensure pest management practices continue to evolve and keep pace with the ever changing structural and urban pest management landscape. And, as a bonus, the students we support now, in turn, become the supporting pillars of our industry of the future,” she said.

This year, the committee had 10 applications, all from well-qualified individuals at various stages of their academic journey. Desiree Straubinger, the Chair of the Scholarship Committee, said, “With the new R. Randall Rollins Memorial Scholarship available, the committee was happy to select sox candidates from the pool of highly qualified applicants this year. The committee’s selection was difficult, as we can see each of the students who applied making a huge impact on the future of the pest control industry.”

The committee urges those who did not receive a scholarship this year to apply again in 2023. The six students who were awarded scholarships in 2022 are as follows:

John Osmun Scholarship awarded to John Agnew, New Mexico State University for $3,000

Founders Endowment Scholarship awarded to Madison Gits, Purdue University for $2,000

Alain Van Ryckeghem Memorial Scholarship awarded to Morgan Wilson, Virginia Tech for $2000

Austin Freshman Scholarship awarded to Allison Johnson, University of Georgia for $2,000

Norm Ehmann Scholarship awarded to Jin-Jia Yu, Rutgers University for $2,000

R Randall Rollins Memorial Scholarship awarded to Shannon Sked, Rutgers University for $2,000

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please visit for more information. Scholarship applications are accepted each Spring in Mid-March, reviewed by the scholarship committee then awarded to 6 deserving students who are studying urban and industrial pest management or some closely related plan of study. If that’s you, we’d love to consider you for a scholarship in 2023!

If you would like to make a contribution to the Pi Chi Omega Scholarship program to support and encourage students to pursue a career in our industry, you can make an online donation at, or contact the Pi Chi Omega staff at office@pichiomega .org or 540/376-3617.

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