Love Working Outside? You Can Buy These 3 Lawn Care Franchises for Less Than $100,000.

With so many industries put on hold since the spread of COVID-19, many people have become unemployed. But not all stores are closed. Lawn care and landscaping companies remained largely active. In several states, these companies are considered essential services. And in Michigan, where they weren’t deemed necessary, local officials even said they would have them operated anyway. “I will not support giving quotes,” a Detroit area mayor told The Detroit News. “We have a lot of seniors and many of them have special needs. They don’t own a lawnmower, they rely on commercial services.”

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If you’re in the market to finally own your own business and have been itching to get your green fingers to work, buying a lawn maintenance and landscaping franchise may be the right opportunity for you.

Here are three lawn care franchises that made our Franchise 500 list with startup costs less than $ 100,000.

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1. Weed Man

  • Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List Rank: 102
  • Initial investment: $ 69,790 to $ 86,850
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $ 20,000 to $ 33,750
  • New units in 2019: 2 units (0.6 percent)

Weed Man was founded in Canada in 1970 and has been a franchisee since 1976 and in the United States since 1996. Franchisees provide services such as lawn fertilization, weed control, insect control, planting and more. The company says franchisees can set up independent locations or convert existing operations into weed-man franchises. And once you have a customer, chances are you’ll keep them: the company says it has a 75-80% retention rate.

2. NaturaLawn of America Inc.

  • Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List Rank: 242
  • Initial investment: $ 47,500 to $ 112,650
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $ 9,500 to $ 29,500
  • New units 2019: 1 unit (1.1 percent)

NaturaLawn of America Inc. uses organic fertilization in conjunction with an integrated pest control program. The company prides itself on providing personalized service – starting with a soil test to determine a garden’s individual nutritional needs. The company has been in franchising since 1989 and claims to have served more than 80,000 customers in 25 countries.

3. US lawn

  • Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List Rank: 295
  • Initial investment: $ 39,800 to $ 81,300
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $ 29,000 to $ 34,000
  • New cars 2019: 9 units (3.6 percent)

If you live near a significant number of commercial properties such as hospitals, apartment complexes, and shopping malls, US Lawns may be the franchise opportunity for you. The company specializes in the maintenance of commercial lawns, which makes it a valued service for its community executives. (That’s one of the reasons the company’s tagline is, “Improve Your Community. Improve Your Life.”) Franchisees provide services such as landscaping, lawn maintenance, irrigation, tree maintenance, and snow removal.

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