MARC awards snow and ice removal, lawn care contracts

october 24—DANVILLE — The Montour Area Recreation Commission (MARC) on Monday night awarded bids for 2023 lawn care and 2022/2023 Montour Preserve snow and ice removal contracts.

Harris Pest Control, of Dornsife, won the lawn care contract, pending final verification of all applicable bid requirements.

Harris’s low bid for the work (at six MARC sites — not Washingtonville) was $53,571. Other bids were: Shawn’s Lawn and Excavating, of Danville, $54,404; and Liberty Valley Lawn Care, of Danville, $72,605.

Optionally bid lawn care services for Washingtonville Borough will be reviewed and may be awarded at a later date as determined by Washingtonville Borough.

MARC will individually contact all bidders to arrange for the return or voiding of securities provided as part of bid packages, said MARC Director Bob Stoudt.

MARC awarded the snow and ice removal contract to Shawn’s Lawn and Excavating, again pending verification of requirements.

The firm submitted the lowest bid of $1,050. Four Diamond Lawn Care of Sugarloaf bid $1,400 and was the only other bidder.

Grant news

Based upon 2020 and 2021 receipts and current economic conditions, Stoudt projected the organization’s quarter three grant will be approximately $50,000.

Danville Borough staff continue working to identify final trail alignments and secure final agreements for properties affected by the Danville Borough Levee North Branch Canal Trail Construction, which will received DCNR 2020 Non-Motorized Trails Grant funds. The project is administered by the borough.

Project construction will not begin until 2023 at the earliest, Stoudt said.

There were no updates regarding the Mahoning Township American Rescue Plan Grant.

On Dec 12, 2021, MARC was awarded $25,000 in American Rescue Act grant funding from Mahoning Township. Funds are to be used to offset the negative economic impact of COVID-19 on MARC’s operations and to be focused on projects of importance to Mahoning Township residents.

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MARC spent $9,305 on Dec. 30, 2021, to pay Kleinfelder for engineering work for the Hess Loop trail (J. Manley Robbins Trail) at the Hess Recreation Area.

Stoudt said $15,701.65 (with earned interest) remains earmarked in a dedicated checking account to pay a portion of the costs for the planned engineering, permitting, and design work for the Hopewell Park Pump Track.

Stoudt said he is consulting with DCNR and Chairman Tyler Dombroski to determine the implications of using federal funds as match for the project.

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