Monster Tree Service of Hilton Head Encourages Homeowners to Take Care of Trees


Hilton Head Island, SC – As the spring season begins, Monster Tree Service of Hilton Head, a professional tree service company, guarantees to offer help in minimizing any threats posed by winter-damaged trees as they encourage homeowners to get their trees taken care of .

The Hilton Head Island-based tree service company notes that some trees may have become dangerous under windy spring circumstances following such severe winter weather. As tree experts, Monster Tree Service says that spring is the best time to trim trees since they have not yet leafed out, and weak limbs may be removed without compromising the plants’ general health.

Professional arborists from Monster Tree Service say trimming trees and shrubs to remove dead, dying, diseased, or broken branches and selectively thin them to allow light and air penetration is necessary to ensure not only the plants’ safety but of the people too. By eliminating dead and decaying branches, trees become less vulnerable to insects. Aside from safety, trees are also much healthier and more attractive when trimmed.

Monster Tree Service offers expert tree care and maintenance services to ensure that trees remain safe and healthy this spring. Licensed arborists of Monster Tree Service may perform services such as Tree Removal, Tree/Shrubs Pruning and Trimming, Plant Health Care, and if trees pose an urgent threat to public safety, they provide emergency tree removal services.

“We understand how the seasons bring different conditions to address and how to do so efficiently,” the company says.

Monster Tree Service also offers Commercial Tree Services. They can perform all services: from clearing land to plant health and routine trimming. “At Monster Tree Service, we understand the importance of knowledgeable tree services and offer assistance around your schedule. Our holistic approach means we consider everything to help keep your trees in optimal health,” the company states.

The company says they provide tree care service to any type of business. These include municipal and government, retail, hospitality, medical, cemeteries, apartment communities, golf courses and country clubs, office parks and industrial, schools and colleges, and Class A properties. Monster Tree Service assures that employees, guests, and the property will be safe while work is done.

Clients likewise choose to work with Monster Tree Service for many reasons. Firstly, they offer free and no-obligation estimates. They offer practical and realistic job cost breakdown to avoid unforeseen costs. They also provide transparent pricing before starting to work so clients would know exactly what they have to pay. There are no hidden fees.

The Professional Tree Care Service Provider also offers state-of-the-art equipment. On top of that, they are a licensed and insured company. They likewise have highly experienced crews.

To know more about tree care service, interested parties may call Monster Tree Service of Hilton Head at (888) 744-0155. Visit their webaite at They are located at 28 Long Brow Road, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928.


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