N.C. has shortage of landscaping plants, materials

The NC Nursery and Landscape Association recently issued a press release detailing the shortage of landscape plants and the materials used with them.

The press release said the bottlenecks were mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic

North Carolina plants selling plants were considered “essential businesses,” which meant they could stay open with safety protocols if many other businesses had to close during the height of the pandemic.

Most plant retailers and wholesalers saw sales increase as homeowners wanted to improve their outdoor spaces and construction companies still needed commercial landscaping. The increase in the demand for plants and the supplies needed to produce them impacted the supply chain in 2021. A green industry spokesman said companies are seeing delays in the materials needed to keep orders and production going.

That includes delays in hard goods like nursery containers, said Tony Evans of supply wholesaler Wyatt Quarles. The lead time for these types of deliveries is typically two to three weeks, but orders are now expected to be placed in three months as manufacturers are behind with production.

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