New Jersey-based backyard design firm wins NESPA gold award

This Beechwood Landscape Architecture and Construction backyard pool and landscaping project in Southampton, New Jersey was awarded gold by the Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA) in 2018.

Beechwood Landscape Architecture and Construction in Southampton, New Jersey received a gold award from the Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA) for a three-year backyard project.

The Beechwood team, led by Steve Chepurny, a registered landscape architect from New Jersey, provided his client with the desired waterfront living space.

The private Avalon, New Jersey residence is on two lots overlooking the bay and the intercostal waterway. Beechwood worked closely with the contractor, architects and interior designer to create a space that compliments the client’s love of the outdoors and entertainment. The challenge was to design a home that would meet all city, state, and DEP regulations after Hurricane Sandy.

The resulting project was a bespoke Gunite pool accompanied by an expansive spa in the back yard. Due to the limited space, the fire function was integrated into the design of the pool.

“To connect the pool to the ground floor, it extends under the house, with the house’s pillars integrated into the pool,” explained Chepurny.

Long benches have also been introduced in this area to allow retreat from the sun while enjoying views of the bay. Ocean blue travertine was used for the pool deck, including travertine bullnose coping.

“By integrating the stone from the house into the spa, the pool columns and the seat wall, the space was unified through the use of materials. Landscaping was introduced along the perimeter to ensure privacy, color and texture, ”said Chepurny. “The property is brought to life at night with a specially developed low-voltage lighting system that can change into different colors.”

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