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Pest Borders

The Pest Border can be installed by pest management professionals to exclude scorpions and other pests, including black widow spiders, crickets, silverfish and more.

The border is made of a combination of alloys, mainly aluminum and zinc (to prevent corrosion). A baked PVC coating creates a durable, UV-resistant product that will last for years, said the company. Pest Borders then fabricates its borders into 6-foot lengths, normally 2 inches wide. The barrier has enough flexibility for rounded architecture.

PMPs can install Pest Borders using a simple aluminum hand shear, 6-inch leveler, caulk gun and adhesive.

The Pest Border is available to pest control companies directly through Pest Borders, which also provides training, ongoing support and prospective client property evaluation and design at no cost.

Kaput Products

Scimetrics has introduced Kaput Rodent & Tick Bait, which kills rodent species listed on the label as well as blacklegged ticks, which can bite the rodent and may transmit Lyme disease.

Kaput Rodent & Tick Bait contains warfarin to eliminate the rodent and fipronil to kill ticks. After eating the bait, fipronil is absorbed into the rodent blood and begins to kill ticks within several hours. By the time the rodent expires, the ticks are eliminated, the company said.


Coxreels introduced a new line of three industrial-duty LED lights available on its C (Dual Purpose) reels.

The new LED lights feature a variety of industrial-grade features and options, including a 50,000-hour rating, internal light diffusers and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses. They also feature adjustable steel hooks for hands-free placement.

The three options are the compact LED light feature (-M), the LED light with an additional power source (-K) and the industrial duty, UL Listed LED light (-H).

Coxreels also announced the newest addition to its safety line, High-Visibility Safety Hose Reels.

Featured on P, SH and T series, the Hi-Vis Hose is a hybrid bright yellow hose with a white glossy stripe available in 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch. The product’s hybrid PVC and rubber blend offers similar performance to rubber with the weight of PVC, Coxreels said, allowing increased hose flexibility and better low temperature behavior while maintaining strength and toughness.

With enhanced kink resistance and reduced coil memory, the hose lays flat for a reduced trip hazard potential, said the manufacturer, and features a less sticky jacket surface than PVC for better stacking performance and an improved non-marring quality. It has a working pressure of 300 PSI.


Flatline Soft Bait, a Liphatech product, is now available for purchase in Canada. Flatline is a soft bait rodenticide containing the active ingredient chlorophacinone, designed to help stop damage caused by rodents, the manufacturer said.

“Flatline is Liphatech’s third soft bait rodenticide and the only first-generation product to expand to the Canadian market,” said Matt Titshaw, business manager of the company’s structural pest control division. “This new addition is a good option for our Canadian customers looking to get ahead of rodent infestations in outdoor and indoor areas where the use of second-generation rodenticides is restricted.”

A first-generation anticoagulant rodenticide, Flatline is a multiple-feed soft bait specifically labeled for Norway rats, roof rats, house mice, deer mice and white-footed mice. The product’s no-wax formula doesn’t melt in hot temperatures or freeze in the cold, said Liphatech. It is made without nuts or seeds to reduce debris and service time for PMPs.


Pest Management and Public Health, a business within the Environmental Science division of Bayer, is offering pest management professionals an opportunity to save on a variety of products. Bayer said PMPs can try something new or stock up on their favorite products with the latest fall savings program through Oct. 31

“We know PMPs never compromise when it comes to protecting customers, and selecting the right product is half the battle,” said Brittany Bailey, head of marketing for Pest Management and Public Health North America at Bayer. “This fall program is an excellent opportunity for PMPs to save big on the essential pest control products. The program includes offers on select products and large-order incentives.”

Manufacturers: Please send new product announcements, including a 150-word description and high-resolution photo, to [email protected].

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