Pat Sullivan shares late summer lawn care advice

August is too early to plant new grass seed, but now is the time to prepare your lawn for seeding.

INDIANAPOLIS — Fall is the best time to address lawn issues to help guarantee a better-looking, lush and green yard next spring and summer.

Turf experts recommend over-seeding in the fall to establish new grass during cooler weather so it comes back stronger the next season.

Pat from Sullivan Hardware and Garden offered some tips on 13Sunrise to prepare your lawn before you put down that new grass seed.

Grub worms crop up in the hot summer months and feast on the roots of your turfgrass. If you can easily pull up patches of grass in your yard, you likely need to address a grub problem.

Pat recommends grub killer this late in the season instead of a season-long grub control product.

Other lawn diseases are best treated before summer, so plan to address those problems next May.

If you have any patches of unwanted or invasive grass, the time to kill that grass is now, in August, so the ground is ready to accept new seed by the second week of September. Roundup or a similar product can be applied with a sprayer if the area is large enough. Pat showed another technique for killing small areas and individual plants.

Starting with a waterproof plastic or rubber glove to protect your hand, you place a cloth glove over the rubber glove. Dip the glove in a small cup of Roundup and rub the unwanted plants or grass with your fingers. The unwanted weed or grass will die, but the surrounding grass will remain untreated and keep growing.

Watch Pat’s other tips in his full segment in the video player.

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