Pest Control Tailored to The Cowichan Valley

When John Hutchinson made the journey to the Cowichan Valley back in 2015, he came to apply his skills with the biggest Canadian owned pest control company in the nation! But after 6 years of meeting great people and learning about the rich history of the area, John came to a realization… The Cowichan Valley is a unique place that deserves its own unique approach to Structural Pest Management. That’s why John is dedicated to providing that solution through Cowichan Valley Pest Control (CVPC)!

Structural Pest Management—SPM

No matter how small they are, pests can cause more damage than you can imagine. Structural Pest Management is pest control designed to eliminate the pests who live in and destroy the structure of your home’s interior and/or exterior. Some of the most common culprits are cockroaches, ants, rats, mice and more. CVPC knows all the ins and outs of dealing with the pests wreaking havoc in all the areas of your home you usually don’t think about. Protect your investment with CVPC.

Years Spent Listening to You

John spent 6 years working for one of Canada’s biggest pest control companies, and loved learning everything they had to offer. But he also loved learning everything about Duncan, the surrounding area, and the people who call it home. This one of a kind background gives John and CVPC an approach tailored to you!

Locally Based Means Local Ace!

CVPC is based between Maple Bay and Duncan, and is perfectly poised to help anyone based in Duncan and surrounding area. Whether you need residential or commercial services, as long as you’re in the Cowichan Valley, CVPC is here to provide solutions in a safe and effective manner!

It’s Not Just Extermination – It’s Protecting Your Home and Family!

John Hutchinson and Cowichan Valley Pest Control, take great pride in protecting your property from the pests looking to call it home. That’s why he’s dedicated to finding solutions that will keep your property in peak condition, while kicking out pests, and making sure they don’t come back! That means you’ll have less maintenance and a higher value when it comes time to sell! Modern pest control methods are safe, effective, and environmentally considerate.

John couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this amazing community, and will do everything they can to keep it that way! Commercial, Residential, Inspections, Treatments, and repairs are just the start to how CVPC can help you. From Chemainus to Shawnigan Lake, and everywhere in between, contact John Hutchinson at Cowichan Valley Pest Control. Online at

Email: [email protected]

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