Photography Spokane

Photography Spokane


For nearly two centuries, photography was purely a chemical process, with images being captured on photographic film. Many photography sessions in Spokane use both film and digital camera, as each serves a unique purpose.  

While film and digital cameras are used for the same purposes, they are completely different media. Many people claim to get better results with digital cameras, though highly skilled photographers can achieve better results on film if they are willing to go the extra mile to achieve the print.

When making prints from film, there are so many things that could go wrong that many hobbyists and novice photographers usually get better prints from digital, because of the fewer variables. The emergence of digital photography has certainly revolutionized photography.

Among the merits of digital is the ability for the client and photographer to detect mistakes and make appropriate amendments early in the shoot by simply checking the display, as well as easier image retouching, faster turnaround time, increased ability to capture quality images in low-light situations, and the ability to produce multiple variations of the same shot, including black and white and dynamite color images.
But here is the confusing part: while digital is the better and cheaper option for amateur photographers, recent statistics argue that digital professional shoots cost 33 percent more than conventional methods for the following reasons:

  • ·         Rapid changes in both hardware and software – using film technology, photographers expected their cameras, darkroom equipment, and anything else they needed to produce images to last 5 to 25 years. Today, continuous advancements in technology require photographers to update their digital equipment every few months to remain competitive, which is a costly endeavor.
  • ·         Photographer’s time – A lot of time goes into image post-processing, including editing, retouching, backing up, cropping, etc. compared to film photography, which only required a simple lab drop and pickup. Today, the photographer has to be skilled in every process, from capturing the image to delivering the final copy.
  • ·         Expectations for a faster turnaround – clients know that digital photography is fast, but they don’t realize how much work is required to process the images. So, they impose strict deadlines for receiving their photos, pressuring the photographer and increasing their production costs (hiring assistants).

You can choose either film or digital photography in Spokane since it depends on your application. But working with a professional like Kelly Tareski Photography will always assure you of the best results. 

Photography Spokane

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Photography Spokane

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