Rick Ross Reveals He Mows His Own Lawn With A Tractor To Save Money

By Corey Atad. 06/15/2021 2:05 PM

Rick Ross is about keeping costs down.

In an interview with Forbes, the Miami rapper shared how he’s saving money in his otherwise extravagant life.

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“When I first became a young millionaire, I went to see my mom because she was always a nurse and had two and three jobs,” he said of learning the business. “She always bought real estate. She came from Clarksdale, where real estate was much cheaper. She would just keep buying houses. And I would say, ‘Mom, what do you think of the stock market?’ And she said, ‘Son, I don’t really rock the purse. I don’t know much about it, but I know about real estate. So when you buy something, make sure you can touch it. ‘”

But when it comes to his 235 acres of grass on his Georgia estate, Ross likes to take care of things by mowing his lawn himself with a sturdy John Deere tractor.

“I bought a tractor that is closed and has air conditioning and a radio,” he said. “I had the windows tinted so that I couldn’t confuse the traffic right next to the property too much.”

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He added, “People still know it’s me, but when I get in the tractor it’s a whole different level of peace, a whole different level of connection with the property and the animals and the birds and wildlife . “

The tractor made lawn mowing a quiet experience for the rapper, who stated, “I sit there and roll up my cannabis and, man, I look at the property and can appreciate my struggles and triumphs, those tough days . For anyone who doesn’t mow their own grass, I would say take time to mow your grass every two or three months because it’s such a great and peaceful feeling. “

And while Ross certainly has the ability to fly in private jets, he said he is “doing his best to fly Delta” to save some ash where he can.

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