Spring care tips for your lawn, from the Pros

Turf Pros shares a few steps to take to get your lawn off to a great start this season

Springtime opens an opportunity to restore a previously neglected lawn into something to be proud of.

Here are a few tips to make sure you’re starting off on the right foot.

  • A little bit of light raking will loosen up dead material and thatch. Don’t rake too hard or you can damage shallow grass roots.
  • If you didn’t aerate in the fall, early spring is a good time to get it done. Soil naturally gets compacted over time by traffic, precipitation, etc. Aeration helps reduce compaction. It allows the grass to grow easily as well as allows water and nutrients to penetrate the ground.
  • Overseed every spring. Applying a quality grass seed in early spring is a key part to reviving and maintaining a thick, green lawn.
  • Fertilizer will add much needed nutrients to your lawn. There are many types of fertilizer on the market and they are often not applied correctly. Turf pros uses custom blended fertilizer not available to consumers.
  • Water your grass! Start thinking about a watering schedule at the first signs of drought. A week or two without water can be deadly to your lawn. Two to three waterings a week should be sufficient.
  • lastly, cut the grass regularly. Cut your grass every week until the growing season slows. Don’t forget to keep your blades sharp!

Turf Pros offers a number of programs to suit your needs. Our premium program is our most popular. It includes overseeding, fertilizer, weed control, and fall aeration. This program has proven to provide customers with amazing results.

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