The Benefits of Owning a Sprinkler System

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Water makes your lawn grow and thrive. But how you pour and how much water you use can greatly affect your results. If you don’t have a sprinkler system installed on your property, this is something you should consider. It ensures that your lawn gets the right amount of water at the right time. Additionally, owning a sprinkler system offers a variety of benefits, including:

It increases the value of your home

Many potential homebuyers are attracted to homes with sprinkler systems. It’s one less thing to think about or worry about. And people are willing to pay a little more for it. It can also help your home be better presented to potential buyers. It will make your lawn look great and will remove any water hose eyesores from your eyes.

It is comfortable

Sprinkler systems often have a built-in timer. That means you no longer have to worry about watering your lawn – or hosing your garden. A sprinkler system ensures effective and efficient irrigation every time. It is an almost completely contactless system. You can go on vacation and your sprinkler system will do the work for you. In this case, you no longer have to ask the neighbors for help.

It reduces weeds

With some sprinkler systems, the water is directed directly to the roots of the plants. This means that the seeds of the weeds will not germinate – and who likes to weed?

In addition, it can prevent your plants and weed from getting unwanted diseases. With a sprinkler system, the water is limited to what is sprayed on the leaves, which reduces the risks.

A sprinkler system delivers the optimal amount of water at the optimal time

Most lawn professionals say you should water your lawn early in the morning. This limits the amount of water that the sun evaporates and can help you save some money on water as it takes little to ensure your lawn and plants are getting what they need. Sprinkler systems do this for you. More advanced systems even monitor the weather to ensure your lawn gets water only when it needs it.

It ensures a correct nutrient-soil balance

With proper irrigation, the soil will lose less valuable nutrients. It doesn’t get too compact either, which can also be problematic. A sprinkler system efficiently and effectively distributes the water to maintain a good balance in the soil. This creates an optimal environment for your plants and your lawn.

It is save

The water hose scattered across your lawn poses many dangers – especially for the elderly and young children. There is a high risk of falls and tripping hazards. With a properly installed sprinkler system, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can put the water hose away forever. In the more unusual systems, the sprinkler heads only pop open when they are watering the lawn – they disappear just as quickly under the surface and keep your garden safe.

This is a guest post by Trevor Lively, President of Blue Jay Irrigation, a residential, commercial and golf irrigation company based in London, Ontario.

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