The Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers

We scoured the Internet for information on how to use smart sprinkler controllers and read customer reviews from real users; we sought advice from experts; and, of course, we relied on our own accumulated expertise. We looked for systems that enable control of irrigation from both a smartphone and any Internet-connected PC. The effectiveness of smart sprinkler controllers hinges on obtaining the most precise meteorological data available. We choose systems that make use of a vast network of weather stations and the most up-to-date weather data.

With the aid of a smart sprinkler controller system, sprinkling sites should be accessible and manageable without the need for a separate computer. To access the system from anywhere in the world using any Internet-connected computer, it should be able to manage an endless number of sites and controllers. Although the majority of smart irrigation controllers can reduce water consumption costs, in many cases, these reductions are negated by the necessity of paying monthly or annual fees for weather data and/or connectivity costs.

We looked for systems that leverage already-existing communication infrastructures like the Internet that are present and functional at your place of business or residence and do not charge a fee for weather data. The software of the smart sprinkler controller’s evapotranspiration parameters is typically difficult to set up and administer, frequently requiring the user to input up to 20 different parameters to accurately configure the system and deliver the right amount of water to each irrigation zone.

In addition to software that can identify the rest of the necessary information, we looked for systems that are easy to use and apply fundamental data such as plant type, sprinkler type, amount of sun, amount of slope, and soil type to automatically prescribe the best watering schedule. Since some timers are always outside, you’ll need a smart controller that is weatherproof to protect your timer. Not all of them are, so we went for those that are waterproof. Also, the majority of the controllers we evaluated are capable of managing seven to eight zones, and several also provide upgrades that allow for more. Before investing in a new smart sprinkler controller, make sure to verify the number of zones that are present in your system. If you purchase a controller with insufficient zones, it won’t be able to water all of the required areas.

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