The Most Advanced Robotic Sprinkler System for Unprecedented Water Efficiency

System features latest in AI technology, predictive pressure calibration, and increased water accuracy to help homeowners eliminate water waste and save money

Irrigreen’s simplicity allows anyone to customize, design and install the irrigation system with XP heads, from concept to precision implementation

SAN FRANCISCO other EDINA, Minn., Sept 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Irrigreen, the leader in robotic irrigation systems, today announced Irrigreen XP, a revolutionary sprinkler system built using the most advanced robotics, AI and IoT technologies available on the market today. Irrigreen XP offers unprecedented precision watering and includes new functionality that predicts and adapts to changes in water pressure and flow. A simple design tool on the homepage allows users to plan and customize the system to their lawn and instantly see water and cost savings.

Irrigreen System

“Conventional irrigation is broken. As much as 60% of water used outdoors is completely wasted. You see water running down the driveway, spraying in the street or on the sidewalk, or wet and dry spots on the lawn. To combat the problem, Irrigreen is focused on delivering the best in robotic and smart technology to help eliminate water waste and inefficiencies,” said Shane Dyer, CEO, Irrigreen. “XP brings even greater levels of robotic precision to our yard sprinkler system, allowing it to predict fluctuations in water pressure and flow, which in turn, gives users more control over the amount of water they use. This can help homeowners save thousands of dollars off their home water bill.”

XP will lead Irrigreen’s lineup of robotic sprinkler heads, all of which integrate into its irrigation system built for simplicity and efficiency. Key benefits of the Irrigreen system include:

  • Reducing water use by 50% and eliminating water waste: Rather than simply spraying water like basic sprinklers – which results in overlap and overwatering – Irrigreen’s software-controlled robotic heads use printer-grade precision to map out the landscape and water in the shape of any lawn. This means you are getting the same green lawn, but only using half the water. Controlled by an app on your phone, Irrigreen also integrates with live weather data to ensure you’re not watering unnecessarily when the weather is cooler or rain is predicted.
  • Cost savings of thousands of dollars a year: Conventional sprinkler systems are costly – from water use to set up and ongoing maintenance. Irrigreen’s system uses far fewer sprinkler heads to water the same area, while requiring up to 80% less piping and no valves.
  • Most advanced robotics: Irrigreen sprinkler heads are built using today’s most advanced robotic technology to bring even greater precision and accuracy to at-home irrigation. Before a problem occurs (overwatering, imbalances), XP can predict changes in water pressure and flow.
  • A simpler design, that is simple to install: The system built for the DIYer, Irrigreen takes the pain out of home irrigation. Before purchasing, customers can plan and design their own system customized to their specific yard and needs. Irrigreen integrates with Google Maps so customers can virtually place sprinkler heads where they need them. Irrigreen’s software then develops a custom quote, including water savings. Because Irrigreen operates as a digital system (traditional systems rely on mechanical configurations), every digital head replaces 6-10 mechanical heads resulting in a simpler system with 80% less piping and wiring, while completely eliminating the need for problematic valves. This makes Irrigreen easy to install for anyone, including the homeowner.

Amidst increasing climate change, Irrigreen introduced its 2.0 system in April of 2021 to address the need for water conservation. With water scarcity accelerating quickly, Irrigreen systems were conceptualized and built using inkjet printing technology to digitally control water placement, uniformly irritating in the exact shape of each zone. The company currently holds seven patents on its product design, making the company’s sprinkler system the only one on the market that can effectively half the amount of water used.

Irrigreen XP heads will be available for purchase on Irrigreen’s website starting Sep 20and will retail for $368 each. For more information and to see the cost and water savings for your yard, please visit

About Irrigreen

Irrigreen is the most efficient sprinkler system on the planet. Using 50% less water, a single head maps and precisely irrigates where needed, saving users approximately 50% annually on their outdoor water bill. Controlled from an app, five Irrigreen heads can replace a forty head traditional system, offering streamlined installation at a comparable price. Irrigreen is better for your lawn, your wallet, and the planet. Irrigreen is based in San Francisco, California other Edina, Minnesota.

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