The Weather Network – Follow these tips and help your lawn ‘beat the heat’ this summer

Many of us love high temperatures days, but your lawn, on the other hand, has nowhere to go to escape the heat.

Here’s how to protect your lawn’s healthy grass during the hottest days of the year.

Gift your lawn some TLC

Hot, dry days are an inevitable part of summer, so why not give your lawn some turf TLC

While weeds like dandelions will naturally appear on our lawns, we can combat them without having to spend hours pulling them out by hand.

Try spot-treating any weeds that appear, making sure to use a high-quality product that kills weeds without harming your grass and the environment.

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Protect your lawn from heat

A well-fed lawn grows in thick, naturally crowding out weeds and cooling the soil which helps your lawn handle the heat.

Use a summer lawn food product to help your lawn beat the heat.

Try to use a 2-in-1 formula that combines nourishing lawn food along with a wetting agent. This combination promotes thicker and greener grass while requiring 50 percent less water.

With one simple application, you can grow stronger roots to better withstand that summer heat.

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Feed your lawn when temperatures are cooler

Hot and dry summer days can put stress on your lawn.

When your lawn is feeling the effects of heat, it’s not ideal conditions for growth.

Instead, feed before the hot, dry weather arrives, then again when cooler temperatures and rainfall return.

This will help your lawn recover quicker, so you can get back to enjoying it!

Give your lawn plenty of water

And lastly, don’t forget to hydrate your lawn properly!

Two to 3 cm of water per week serves as a good rule of thumb for keeping your lawn green during the hot summer.

If you’re looking for ways to measure rainwater, use a rain gauge.

Simply place a rain gauge outdoors to measure rainfall and prevent over or underwatering your lawn.

If you don’t mind some curious neighbors – you can always collect rainfall in a tuna can! When the can is filled to the rim, it is likely that enough water has been absorbed into your lawn to a depth that will benefit the roots.

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Your backyard is where lifelong memories are made.

Invite friends, family and four-legged pals over for some backyard fun and make memories that will last.

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