Uber for your lawn? Lawn Care app expands to the Queen City

CHARLOTTE, NC (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Those in and around Charlotte who need help with yard work this spring are in luck — there is now a new app available that the creators say is “the Uber of yard work”.

The app is called Lawn Guru. It was first launched in Detroit back in 2015 by two high school buddies. The demand for the technology has grown so much that the app is launching in five new cities this spring, including Charlotte.

The Queen City is known for its spring beauty, but that also means Charlotte has a lot of landscaping needs. Not only front yards but dozens of area parks. Even the Federal Reserve uptown has a pristine lawn on its roof.

“We have providers in North Carolina in general, but especially in Charlotte who have just been asking us to come down there for a couple of years now,” said Skye Durant, one of the creators of the Lawn Guru app.

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Durant describes the app as an Uber or Lyft service, but for your yard.

Right now, Lawn Guru is only available in select cities, but the Charlotte market fits within the existing Lawn Guru portfolio because of rapid growth in and around Uptown.

“So what we are doing is our biggest markets are the suburbs around an anchoring city and we are working with neighborhoods,” said Durant.

The app works with local lawn care providers doing work in those neighborhoods.

From the palm of your hand lawn services can be requested. Everything from mowing to gardening is listed on the app. Within hours of a request, a crew will arrive.

“What we do is match their routes to existing customers so when that address comes in we are looking for the best providers working in those neighborhoods and we throw the job up on the job board for providers and they can accept it,” said Durant.

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It’s lawn care service without ever making a physical phone call.

“We describe it as the easiest way to order outdoor services,” said Durant.

The app is available for download on the Apple App store as well as Google and Android devices.

Durant and his high school friend who created the app previously worked in lawn care, which is why they decided to use to app to partner with local businesses.

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