University Of Wisconsin Football Tailgating

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 University Of Wisconsin Football Tailgating

Wisconsin is one of the hotbeds of football in the USA. It is something like a religion there with a lot of devout worshippers. And you know that where ever there is football, there is a lot of football tailgating. If football in Wisconsin is a religion, then Badgers football tailgating has something like a cult following.

Wisconsin Badgers tailgating is something that should be experienced, not read about. With that said, here are five reasons why U of W has the best gameday atmosphere for tailgating.

 Pre-Game Festival Spirit

The U of W has a pre-game festival spirit that does not care if you are an opposing fan or not. As long as you are in the environment before a game, you will be caught up in a festive mood that is likely to continue for hours on end.

There is a lot to eat and drink, what with the beer gardens surrounding the area. There are also lots of house parties with a lot of other pre-game activities.

Can't Get A Ticket?No Worries

There are so many football fans that tickets to the Camp Randall Stadium(home of the Wisconsin Badgers)are often sold out. The best part about the atmosphere is that you might not even miss the fact that you don't have a ticket. Why? There are so many places to watch the matches shoulder-to-shoulder with hundreds of fans.

Besides, outside the stadium is where all the Badgers football tailgating is going on, so you might even be better of without a ticket!

Great Tradition of Fellowship

There is a tradition of fellowship among Wisconsin students in and outside the stadium on game days. There is also the singing of the university song “Varsity” by all the fans in and out of the stadium at half-time. Everyone bellows at the top of drunken voices while rocking back and forth with arms around each other.

Unique Activities

There are lots of these. One of the most popular is the Jump Around, which happens between the third and fourth quarter. It is two minutes of wild, engaging fun that is rarely seen anywhere else in college football. 

Post-game Fun

It is only at the U of W that you will find some 30,000-40,000 people still in the stadium after a game ends. Fans stay back to enjoy some of the best tailgating there is in the world. No matter the weather, there is always some Badgers tailgating company providing some custom tailgating in Wisconsin on a game day.

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University Of Wisconsin Football Tailgating

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University Of Wisconsin Football Tailgating

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