Video of Woman Mowing Lawn as Bride Walks Down Aisle at Wedding Sparks Fury

Footage has surfaced on social media appearing to show a woman purposely mowing her lawn within earshot of a neighboring outdoor wedding ceremony.

When it comes to neighborly disputes, few things grind the gears as much as noise. In fact, a 2017 study commissioned by real estate website found that noise ranked as the number one thing that led Americans to argue with a neighbor.

Noise certainly appears to be at the heart of the dispute chronicled in the video shared to Reddit by user 1q8b, where it has already been upvoted over 29,000 times.

In the clip, an unidentified woman can be seen mowing her lawn in close proximity to an outdoor wedding ceremony, which appears to be in full swing.

An on-screen caption claims that “the second the bride’s song came on and she walked down the aisle, Karen decided to purposely mow her lawn and yell at us to ruin the wedding.”

First coined in 2020, according to, the term Karen is a “pejorative slang term for an obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilege to get her way or police other people’s behaviors. “

In this instance, the apparent inference is that the woman was unhappy at her neighbor’s plans to use the outside space to host a wedding, so decided to stage her own lawnmower-based protest.

An identical version of the video has also been shared on TikTok by user vampyyric alongside a caption that simply reads: “some people are so miserable.” That version can be viewed here.

Newsweek has reached out to both 1q8b and vampyyric to try and learn more about the circumstances behind the viral footage.

In the video, the bride can be seen walking down the aisle and exchanging vows with the groom. All the while, a buzzing noise is audible throughout the footage. Later in the clip, the camera pans over to show the unidentified neighbor cutting her grass.

Though she is seen briefly looking up at the camera from behind sunglasses and a hat, at no point is she shown yelling at or addressing anyone from the wedding in the video.

Despite details remaining scarce on the circumstances surrounding the video, viewers on social media were quick to condemn the alleged actions of the woman filmed in the clip.

On Reddit, user Amp5181 blasted her “passive-aggressive” actions with user crushed_dreams adding: “She’s just salty that she didn’t get an invite.”

KcChris06 said: “That’s a level of pettiness I one day hope to achieve” to which MrRogersAE replied: “You really don’t, those people live their whole lives for hatred, truly obsessing over their neighbor and all their imagined grievances.”

“I’ve learned that just because everyone ages doesn’t mean everyone matures. Some people hit an age where they quit trying to grow mentally and emotionally,” The_Juul_Fool said. “Guarantee this grown child will never take responsibility for her actions.” Predevam8, meanwhile, concluded: “People like that can’t bear to see others happy.”

On TikTok, Doryy vanDerkuip commented, “how sad people can be so miserable to cause such disturbance” with rositawh94 writing: “Wow that’s a new low.”

User Otters Tacos said: “Some people are just miserable” while Rambonumber5 wrote: “People can be so sad. What’s the point? Let them enjoy their moment.”

A video showing a woman mowing her lawn during a neighbor’s outdoor wedding ceremony has sparked outrage online. Pictured, stock images of a woman mowing and a bride and groom.

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