What You Need to Know to Blitz Pest Problems This Fall Season

READING, Pa., Sept 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The transition from summer to fall brings many seasonal changes including cooler weather, football season and a shift in various pest species. Just as coaches and athletes have been studying and training for the new season, pest experts have been gearing up for the return of fall pests. In preparation for the new pest season, entomologists at Ehrlich Pest Control shared three tips to ensure pest problems don’t interfere with sports fans viewing this season’s biggest games.

Tip One: Block out rodents

With more than 2,000 species, rodents make up the largest group of mammals. Rats, mice and other species are adaptive creatures and have become expert home invaders. These small creatures are often seen scurrying across a floor, but rodents are also excellent climbers and can quickly and easily travel across elevated spaces.

“Rodents seek out quiet, undisturbed areas such as closets, storage areas, wall voids and sheds to build their nests,” said Emory Matts, Board Certified Entomologist and Technical Service Manager at Ehrlich Pest Control. “As nocturnal creatures, rodents are most active between dusk and dawn and usually hide from humans during the day.”

To block rodents from entering a home, it is recommended that homeowners fill small gaps and exterior openings. “Rats can squeeze through holes as small as a quarter,” said Matts. Fill holes or small openings with stainless steel wire wool, caulking or concrete. Steel or aluminum plating can also be used.

Tip Two: Protect the blindside from bed bugs

Bed bugs are small, measuring roughly one-fourth an inch in diameter and their elusive, transient nature makes them almost impossible to spot. Similar to a quarterback’s blindside in football, bed bugs will target tiny cracks and voids, or “blind spots,” to hide in.

“As expert hitchhikers, bed bugs travel from place to place by attaching themselves to clothing, luggage and other personal items,” said Eric Brown, Board Certified Entomologist and Technical Service Manager at Ehrlich Pest Control. “If staying in a hotel while traveling to watch a game in person, be sure to inspect the room and be aware of the hard-to-see spaces in which bed bugs can hide.”

To avoid getting blindsided by bed bugs, conduct a thorough inspection of their common hiding spots. Bed bugs can hide in almost any small crack or crevice. Bed frames, headboards, baseboards, furniture and clothing piles are some of the areas in which bed bugs will hide.

Tip Three: Defend against mosquitoes and ticks

Similar to their blood-sucking pest-mate, the bed bug, mosquitos and ticks are two additional pests that remain a concern in the fall. Higher seasonal temperatures create longer breeding seasons for mosquitoes and ticks. Both mosquitos and ticks carry a number of harmful diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

“Football fans spending more time outdoors at tailgating or live sporting events should take additional precautions to defend against mosquitoes and ticks,” said Tom Dobrinska, Board Certified Entomologist and Technical Service Manager at Ehrlich Pest Control. “Elements of nature such as standing water, overgrown grass and other forms of vegetation can attract mosquitoes and ticks.”

Three ways to defend against mosquitos and ticks include wearing protective clothing such as long sleeves and pants, using EPA-registered insect repellent and having your lawn treated throughout the season. Wearing light colors is also recommended when outdoors as ticks can be easier to spot on lighter clothing.

Each week, millions of football fans gather together to watch their favorite teams play while hundreds of thousands more watch from the stands. As the fall season provides a welcomed break from the summer heat, sports fans should be on the lookout for common fall pests. A winning football season may not be guaranteed, but fans can be one step closer to experiencing a pest-free fall season by blocking out rodents, protecting their blindside from bed bugs and defending against mosquitos and ticks.

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