Yukon Housing Corporation, pest control expert meet with tenants over bed bugs

Bed bugs were on the agenda when Yukon Housing Corporation officials met with residents of a seniors’ complex in Whitehorse on Jan. 24.

The meeting in a common room at 600 College Drive brought together the building manager, the manager of tenants’ supports and a pest control expert for a chance to present the building’s bed bug issue to the less than two-dozen tenants in attendance.

The tenants heard an introduction to bed bugs, how to manage bed bugs and possible ways of transmission in the building.

The building manager explained Yukon Housing Corporation is trying to investigate where the bed bugs are coming from.

“Where we see bugs, we treat them,” the building manager said. “We’re mitigating… where we can.”

The pest control expert explained he is not finding clusters of bed bugs in the building. He said the bed bug issue is not limited to this building or to residences run by the Yukon Housing Corporation — it’s a Canada-wide problem.

The News was invited to meet with some of the building’s tenants who were fed up with bed bugs on Dec. 23, 2022. The tenants present at that meeting were pleading for their landlord to promptly address their concerns. They noted the money, time and energy spent trying to eradicate and prevent the spread of bed bugs. Some said they have slept with the lights on to limit bug activity at night.

“It’s really miserable,” said Ginny Prins, one of the tenants. “Life changes because of bed bugs.”

In October, the News reported on swift measures taken to deal with potential bed bugs in the Yukon legislative building. At the time, the Yukon NDP called on the Yukon government to match those efforts by taking quicker action on bed bugs in Yukon Housing Corporation buildings.


Tenants plead for Yukon Housing Corp. to promptly address concerns

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